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Sony Offers Gran Turismo HD To North America

Gran Turismo HD

North American Playstation 3 users will also get to enjoy Gran Turismo HD Concept along with their Japanese counterparts on December 24th. The “concept” edition of Gran Turismo will be offered for free via the Playstation Store, and will includes the Eiger Nordwand course, and ten cars. The cars include both a standard and a tuned model:

  • 1995 Suzuki Cappucino
  • 1989 Mazda Eunos Roadster 2004 Honda Integra TYPE R
  • 1996 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR
  • 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe
  • 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR
  • 2005 Lotus Elise 111R
  • 1994 Nissan SKYLINE GT-R Vspec II
  • 1995 Toyota Celica GT-FOUR Rally Car
  • 2006 Ferrari 599

Gran Turismo HD will offer both a time trial and drift trial mode, online rankings, and replay upload and download. While the official release date is December 24th, but some users are reporting that the download is available now.

The full press release continues below.

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“Higher Definition” Video Hits PlayB3yond.com

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Higher Definition

Sony just updated the PlayB3yond website with a new video, “Higher Definition” that touts the console’s support for 1080P resolutions and Blu-Ray for additional storage. While 1080p has been hotly debated across the Internet, and some have doubted whether the 50 GB offered by Blu-Ray will make an impact in this generation of video games, Sony’s marketing really knows how to make a compelling advertisement for both.

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Xbox 360 HD DVD Player $200 In North America

HD DVD Xbox 360Microsoft has finally announced pricing for their HD DVD Player add-on for the Xbox 360 in North America.  While no date has been set, the device will sell for $199.99 USD, and will included the HD DVD version of King Kong along with the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote control. For those not in the know, the HD DVD Player allows you to view HD DVD movies, delivering six times the resolution of a standard DVD. With the next Xbox 360 dashboard update comes the ability to output the signal in 1080p (same goes for games, which will be upconverted.)

While not super-cheap, getting and HD DVD Player for $200 can’t be seen as anything other than a bargain, as the cheapest standalone unit runs for $500 USD - and that one can’t even play Xbox 360 games.

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Xbox 360 Owners Get 1080p For Free

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Xbox 360 Earlier at the Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft promised that the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive would support the full 1080P resolution that the format offers. Now, a report on Seattle Post-Intelligencer indicates that the ability to display this resolution will be given to Xbox 360 owners via a free software update. Microsoft did not announce and HDMI cable for the system, but one would hope that the component and VGA outputs would support 1080P.

Update: Full 1080P scaling for DVD and HD-DVD will only happen over the VGA connection. On component video connections, DVD contect is restricted to 480P, and HD-DVD will be restricted to 1080i. Game content will support 1080P over component or VGA connections.

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Virtua Tennis Running In 1080P On PS3

Virtua Tennis 1080P

Sega recently displayed builds of Virtua Tennis for the Playstation 3 running in full 1080P resolution, according to a report by 1up. Assuming that 1080P resolution support makes it into the shipping product, this would allow Virtua Tennis to join Gran Turismo HD in the list of games that support the highest resolution display mode of the Playstation 3. People have debated the usefulness of supporting a resolution that so few end users will be able to access, but it is interesting to see what games will have the spare processing power to push that many pixels.

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Gran Turismo HD Screens Online

Gran Turismo HD

One of the demonstrations that Sony made at E3 was a super-high resolution version of Gran Turismo, tentatively called Gran Turismo HD. The technical demo utilized the assets from Gran Turismo 4 ran at 1080p resolutions at 60 frames per second. Now, Japanese site Game Watch has made a set of full resolution screen captures from the technical demonstration available for download. At their site, users can grab a ZIP file with 10 high-resolution images. The sharpness of the images is amazing, and the screen grabs show some effects like depth-of-field. The environments are a little sparse, since they are based around the Playstation 2 version of the game, but still give gamers hope for what a full version of Gran Turismo could be for the Playstation 3.

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