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Monday August 21, 2006 8:44 pm

Zelda: Twilight Princess Sees Wii Control Revamping

Posted by Michael Cardiff Categories: Action, Nintendo, Rumors, Wii,

Zelda Twilight Princess Box ArtAfter initially worrying about how physical players would have to get while enjoying The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Nintendo has finally decided that sword-swinging motions will be incorporated into the gameplay. At E3, the B trigger button on the Wiimote was originally used for the sword, with the bow&arrow and other weapons being mapped to the D-pad. But as IGN reports:

At E3, players used the B button to swing Link’s sword, with Nintendo explaining at the time that players would likely get tired having to actually swing the controller. “Upon actually playing it, it’s more interesting this way,” said Miyamoto to Nintendo Dream about the new control scheme.

The newly-freed-up B button will now serve as the bow&arrow controls. IGN points out that this makes the use of the bow&arrow much less cumbersome, as gamers don’t have to change their grip to reach the Wiimote’s D-pad. My guess is there’s another reason for this redesign, which Nintendo hasn’t explicitly stated yet. In the E3 version of the control scheme, players were able to perform Link’s spin-attack by simply wiggling the nunchuk attachment, a setup that many players noted would make the game far too easy as one could simply repeat the spin attack quickly over and over again. If Nintendo starts moving all of the sword control to the Wiimote, though, the actions of performing complicated motions like those needed for the spin attack could help to raise the difficulty.

It should be interesting to see how much of an upper-body workout Twilight Princess eventually requires. Maybe we won’t even need that Nintendo diet software after a bout with Zelda.

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I can’t wait to try out some wii games, including Zelda of course, but I hope there are alternate options. It seems like the sword/wiimote action could be a lot of fun but if it turns out to not be so fun for whatever reason, hopefully you aren’t locked into playing one specific way.


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