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Saturday April 23, 2005 12:29 am

The Real Xbox 360 At Long Last? Pt 2

Posted by Oscar M. Cantu Categories: Xbox 360,

Xbox 360 Revealed

In continuation of the Xbox 360 image, this picture was posted on Team Xbox forums of the same console, this time with more detail. As you can see, the chrome part is indeed the hard drive – labeled at 40GB! To add more fuel to the fire, the image given to us as a reward on OurColony.net seems to be a part of this picture. We’ll just have to wait just a few more weeks until we see for ourselves.

( Thanks Wolfeman! )

Update: We have received another reward on OurColony.net. This time it’s the memory card unit. Seems that the next Xbox will use a 64MB card instead of the current 8MB.

Update #2: Thanks to some investigative reporting by Playfeed Editor Jesse, he has confirmed the images with his sources and the memory card - stating that Microsoft has just upped the memory card up to 64MB.

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i wish i would be allowed to get it 😠

i was expecting it to look more like a laptop

I have to agree, the design doesn’t do much for me, whether real or not. But it is still %100 times better than the original xbox design lol.


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