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Monday November 28, 2005 10:03 pm

Xbox 360: Power On Video

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Features, Wireless, Xbox 360,

This may sound like a minute detail, but it is just so elegant. The Xbox 360 can be powered on with either the bonus media remote (included in the first 1 million premium packages) or any controller. With the controller, you simple hold down the Xbox 360 logo button in the center, and both the controller and system turn on. The Xbox 360 Ring of Light begins rotating around the power symbol until it syncs with the controller(s), at which point the sections of the ring stay lit depending on the number of controllers connected. It’s so cool that it makes us smile.

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OOhhh, Ahhh, Hmmmm…. Seriously though, it’s the small details such as this that make you really appreciate the creativity and special attention to detail that went into creating this Xbox. I have to hand it to the Xbox team, this is their 2nd Console and already have shown us just how pationate they are about delivering a great Gaming experience, even though some early adopters unfortunately got a faulty unit.


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