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Thursday December 13, 2007 6:15 pm

Geek Jewelry: The “Space Invaders” Rings

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, Culture, Retro,

Space Invader RingsCall us paranoid, but we’re beginning to wonder if the aliens in “Space Invaders” really are trying to take over the world: The tote bag. The baby’s mobile. The scarf. The doormat. And now… the rings! Yes, now you can show your love for the classic game 24/7 by wearing one of those pesky aliens (or elusive spaceship) on your finger. Choose one of four designs, each made of pure silver with Rhodium plating. Strangely, we couldn’t find price info on the manufacturer’s website, so you may have to contact them yourself for details.

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DOH - these are beautiful but there is no way to buy one. Otherwise I would have one on the way right now!

You definitely have to be a geek to buy one of these—or at least a gamer!  Space Invaders is a very popular game.  It was one of the first flash games that I played online.  It was fun but now there are a lot more better games that can be found online.  Pacman rings would be better than this!


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