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Friday July 10, 2009 6:21 pm

What Super Mario Galaxy would look like on high definition Wii

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When Nintendo announced the initially, one of the large collective groans we heard from gamers was in regards to the lack of high definition output. Well, here are a few images to make you lust for that HD Wii even more. The images in our Super Mario Galaxy HD gallery are taken from a Wii emulator that is capable of outputting 720p video.  The images look great and all, but I guess Nintendo knows what’s best for us.

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It’s not fake. This same story was on 1up and other reputable sites across the web a few days ago. The same emulator did Smash Bros, and Metroid amongst others. Look it up, you will see. Gearlive is a great site that brings reputable news. They are just a little behind on this one. 😉

Don’t believe it then. Doesn’t matter to me if you do or not. But seriously, search it in google and see how many of the same stories pop up. Better yet, follow the neogaf link they posted and scroll up a little and check out the video that someone posted. 😊


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