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Wednesday August 22, 2007 9:13 pm

Dyack Still Firm on 2008 Release For Too Human

Too Human“It is always darkest before the dawn.”

Those were ‘s melodramatic words in a forum post as a reply to someone expressing frustration and disappointment over the outspoken founder’s latest project, . After a disappointing show at the 2006 E3, Too Human fell from view and was conspicuously absent from this year’s E3 aside from a logo displayed during Microsoft’s press conference.

Then, shortly after E3, Silicon Knights filed suit against Epic over their Unreal 3 Engine, licensed by SK, claiming among other things that Epic had withheld valuable resources in favor of working on their own projects like Unreal Tournament 3 and . Epic countersued claiming that Silicon Knights was misrepresenting the original contract and lots of public trash-talking and childishness ensued.

Read More | Too Human.net via Joystiq

Hidden among all of this is the confusion over the state of Too Human. The lawsuit led many to believe that the game was in a sorry state or perhaps required additional development time to compensate for the problems allegedly encountered as listed in the original lawsuit. A poster by the name of OptimusV12 vented on a forum, “I’m being drained constantly of my willingness to wait for the game with all thats [sic] been going on.” In reply, Denis Dyack posted:

It is always darkest before the dawn.

Too Human will be out in 2008. A firm date with tons of new info is coming soon. This will be followed up with a playable demo. The demo will speak for itself.

Hang in there.

Microsoft itself confirmed that the release date has not been altered from 2008 although they did dodge the demo question raised by Dyack’s post by telling Joystiq they have not yet “made any announcements regarding a demo,” which is another way of saying, “We don’t feel like answering that question right now.”



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