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Monday June 15, 2009 12:06 pm

E3 2009: Top 10 best games of E3 2009

was a complete overload of news, games and people. But even in the mists of information overload, there were those group of selected games that stood out and kept everyone talking. Regardless if it was a trailer, teaser or an actually playable demo on the show floor, here are some of the game that were so good—they made you want to smack your mother.

APB All Points Bulletin

All Points Bulletin (APB) is real time worlds new third-person action game for the PC. Equipped with amazing customization and online play make this game stand out from any other PC game announced.

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Sam Fisher makes a comeback with less emo hair and more kick-ass action. The game is looking amazing and after the only wait, I am extremely excited to play this game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
This MMORPG had geeks everywhere going wild. Bioware’s return to MMORPG lets gamers choose who they want to be within the Star Wars universe and create their own destiny. 

Final Fantasy XIV
I’ve lost count already, but it has Final Fantasy in front and sometimes that is all that matters. PS3 will be getting more story, battles and an abundance of beautiful men with great hair.

Uncharted 2
Following-up with the success of Uncharted, Uncharted 2 will not only continue its story, but it will also include multiplayer. What more could you ask for?

256 multi-player. That is really all that has to be said about Zipper Interactive’s new game, M.A.G. This Massive online title for the PS3 will allow 256 player to game simultaneously in a world where every pebble in the ground is moved by a player.

Project Natal: Milo
In a world where no controllers shall be used and Xbox 360s recognize your voice, lives a young boy named Milo. Milo was created by Lionhead Studios to showcase the powers of Project Natal—and that they did.  Milo recognized peoples voices, faces, drawings and even colors which left many people in awe. It did not take long until conversations on how to take advantage of young Milo took place, but that is a whole different subject.


This Upcoming puzzle game for the DS took me by surprise—everyone was talking about it. Scribblenauts is a side-scrolling puzzle game where the player controls Maxwell, a character who must collect objects called “Starites”. Pretty straight forward. Pretty darn fun.

Halo 3: ODST
It’s Halo—do I need to say more? This time you play UNSC soldiers and their stories in New Mombasa. More guns, stages and characters to discover are pretty much all you need to keep us happy.

Crackdown 2
ORBS! I know I’m excited about getting new orbs to collect in Crackdown 2. We don’t know much about the game, but we know that there will be orbs, buildings and lots of destruction.



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