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Friday June 27, 2008 5:42 pm

Watch Mario marathon for Child’s Play charity live

You’ve gotta love the ideas that spawn from the gaming community. Piggybacking off the wonderful Child’s Play charity which was started by Penny Arcade, a trio of gamers have decided to band together and play through all Super Mario games over the course of the weekend to raise money for the worthy cause. Not only that, but they are doing it live. You can just hit the play button above to check out their live Super Mario Marathon stream. You get to see John, Dan, and Brian sitting around and chatting, and the game video and audio are even present as well. They started with Super Mario Bros., and will be playing right through to Super Mario Galaxy. That’s seven games in fifty-five hours. Epic.

We’ve already donated, and we think you should too. It’s a fun and creative way to bring attention to Child’s Play.

Good job, guys.

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Super Mario Marathon



This is ‘Super’!
sorry, couldn’t help myself. neat idea, they are just over $2500 currently. WTG

These guys are still at it!. $6721 and they still have 16 hours to go. Nice to see the support they are getting. WTG!

I think its good that they are doing this for charity. But I wonder how far they will get with seven games in fifty five hours. I always liked to play mario. That was one of my favorite games by nintendo.

I’m glad to see that these three guys are playing a game to raise money for charity.  At least they aren’t wasting their time.  They sure look like they’re having fun!  I hope they do this every weekend, they would be earning a lot for charity this way.  As of now they have over $10,000, way to go!


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