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Friday April 25, 2008 7:46 pm

Mario Kart Wii unboxing gallery

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Okay, so we’ve been graced with a copy of a few days early by themselves. We’ve played the game a bit, and will be will be reporting back with our initial thoughts, but for now, we wanted to hit you with an unboxing gallery. We have a bunch of images of the for you to take a gander at, as well as the box, game disc, and the like. Just a little something to tide you over until Sunday. Go ahead and click on over to our Mario Kart Wii gallery for the images.




I think nintendo has hit their stride with the wii console. The remote in the steering wheel is simple yet effectime for a driving game. keep it up nintendo.

I want to play this game badly I have the PS# and the 360 and know i’m getting the Wii next and this Game will be my first purchase

This game is better than wii fit, I think. It is a lot of fun and much cheaper. Plus I like kicking OLD SCHOOL.

@jess1ca: nexgenwars is projecting that 21,685,992 Wiis have been sold as of this comment…Xbox 360 has about 18.8 million and PS3 about 9.8

Mario Kart is a classic, but I heard they ruined the multiplayer mode in this version.  The Wii wheel is a neat idea, but if you are going to destroy the gameplay, I would rather play the older version…

I believe the hole on the bottom is just for removing the Wiimote from the wheel. The wrist strap should come out of the top of the wheel (through the cut out section) and be worn around the wrist. That creates less tension in the strap then wrapping it around the bottom.


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