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Sunday April 13, 2008 1:59 pm

GTA IV sold early in some areas

If the video above is any indication, and it appears to be genuine, then some stores didn’t get the memo that Grand Theft Auto IV isn’t to go on sale until April 29. It seems that one Tony Warner was able to purchase his copy a couple of weeks early. In the video, Tony shows off the IV case, the disc itself, as well as the game’s intro. If you are completely wanting to get your hands on the game early, we suggest getting out there and looking around. Skip the Gamestop’s of the world and head straight to places that are clueless about these things, like your local Wal-Mart. Let us know if you have any luck. isn’t gonna be too happy about this one.



The video is no longer available, but by reading most of the comments, it sounds like it is faked. Give the guy credit for trying to pull one over on us.

I want this game for my PS3, it looks awesome

Its fake, the BBFC 18 logo is to small, all games now being released are required to have it over double that size, look again


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