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Monday April 30, 2007 7:02 pm

GamerAndy Live! Episode 78: SPOILER: Nazi’s Lose

Gamer Andy LiveHi there folks, Andy here of GamerAndy Live! As the new kid on the block here at PlayFeed and Gear Live, I’m happy to be bring you episode 78 of our little exodus into the gaming stratosphere.  Along the way you’ll be bumrushed by by the astral maurader known as “Edie” and the cosmic butt-pirate called George.  Our topics are many and varied.  Our methods are uncoventional.  Our show is Uncensored. Very uncensored.

If you’re new to the show, then don’t let talk of the Bloodthirsty Macarena(tm) throw you off - Listen in for a few shows and you’ll be able to proudly claim “I am the master of Chapple Banditry!” along with our Hardcores currently residing in the forums

With that said, I’m warning you right now Big spoiler in this episode - NAZIS LOSE!


In the GamerAndy Live! Mailbag:

  • What the hell is Tom Clancy’s End Wars?
  • Any news on Fable 2?
  • Mass Effect delayed?
  • What do you think about the Silent Hill 5 interview?
  • Is the market ready for the next big MMORPG? Yes. Is it Lord of the Rings Online? No.
  • Sony Online Entertainment nukes accounts of lazy Star Wars Galaxies players
  • Kane and Lynch, Crossfire not XBox 360 exclusives anymore
  • 80GB PS3 Rumor

Everybody loves Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles...


Forum Discussion

That is the most adult child portion of GAL I have ever heard DAMN!!!!

Oh, and before I get a bunch of you gamebois calling me a moron for not noticing that both Kane and Lynch AND Crossfire are going to PS3... yes, I noticed it AFTER I sat down and read more articles on it. So yes, there are two -- count 'em -- two 360 exclusives going to PS3. That will teach me for skimming news.

Edie nobody would ever call you stupid for not reading a news story fully. Nope definitely not for reading a news story.

lol great podcast.Did any of yous catch the cod 4 trailer.The one getting made by infinity again.It felt very like graw I just hopegameplay wise its cod 2 just more polished.

Thinking I need to get in on the next one of these...

Good, so far... I like the Nazis lose theme. :P

Good show you two. You both ROCK!!!!!!!!111111111

Kinda amusing that 1Up yours was bitching about Final Fantasy XIII the same way George had already done.

Good show, and one thing I've been meaning to say is that I'm glad to see the return of show-notes. I remember hearing an episode ages ago that I wanted to find something you guys were talking about and it took me a long time to find it.

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