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Wednesday June 20, 2007 3:11 pm

Sonics Rivals 2 Announced; Sonic Games Can’t Get Any Worse, Can They?

Posted by Chris Pereira Categories: Action, PSP, SEGA,

Sonic in another bad gameThe original Sonic Rivals game for PSP wasn’t particularly well-received, but it certainly faired better than the recent 360 and PS3 Sonic outing. Sometimes I wonder if Sega is deliberately trying to smash the beloved series into the ground. Seriously, outside of Sonic Rush there hasn’t been a good Sonic game in many years.

But there is some promise for Sonic Rivals 2. Sega has already laid out the framework, so hopefully things can be fleshed out and developed more – the original was pretty unrefined and didn’t have many stages. SR2 will have plenty of unlockables, as well as game sharing multiplayer features. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t look like online play will be an option.

Here’s to hoping we get a half-decent Sonic game when Sonic Rivals 2 is released this fall. God knows we’ve earned one.



I have my doubts anytime a new Sonic appears, as it’s been so long since anything in the series has been worth playing.

The next great Sonic game, without a doubt will be one released to XBLA as a retro title.

It’s too bad Sega doesn’t consider another 2-D version to reboot the series.


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