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Monday May 21, 2007 2:08 pm

Gaming at the Maker Faire: Huge NES, Doom3 Mods, and More

Posted by Michael Cardiff Categories: Culture, Nintendo, PC, Puzzle,

The Maker Faire was held this past weekend at the San Mateo Fairgrounds in sunny California. For those of you who haven’t heard, it’s basically a huge collection of engineering- and creativity-inclined nerds having fun with robots, fire, accelerometers, and anything else they can get their hands on.

Well of course, any time you get that many nerds together in one place, there’s going to be some gaming involved. Here’s a quick summary of the gaming-related wackiness that could be seen at the Maker Faire, with more pictures and videos after the jump. Exhibits included:

  • A huge, working 2-person-sized NES controller
  • The Doom 3 Case Mod From Hell (nyuk nyuk!) with working air-locks and remote control integrated display
  • Push-button LED Tetris
  • A life-sized crocheted Atari 2600, complete with 2 joysticks and TV displaying Adventure **
  • Microsoft reps using Wii remotes to control RC Cars (I kid you not… I asked them if this was a conflict of interests and they laughed) **
  • Build-your own accelerometer-based game interface using gloves, a flyswatter, or a frying pan **

** = Not pictured. The Faire was totally overwhelming, which affected my photo-taking abilities. Sorry!

Oh, and there was a huge Tesla Coil that shot 14.7 million volts. That was OK too I guess 😉

Click the jump for more pix and movies!

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Doom 3 case mod

Doom 3 case mod 2




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