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Tuesday July 10, 2007 1:02 pm

E3 2007: Trauma Center: New Blood Coming to Wii

Trauma Center 2 Screenshot

For those of you that just haven’t gotten enough of carving pentagrams into people you’re operating on, Nintendo brings you Trauma Center: New Blood. The original Trauma Center on the DS was a surprise hit (although I have to say, I found certain levels ridiculously difficult - I never made it past “It Never Ends”), and the remake on the Wii met with generally favorable reviews. While this new title doesn’t exactly count as a port, it still seems like another way to milk the Wii cash cow with another cheap-to-produce game. Hopefully Nintendo’s got some other big announcements of original, not-a-port, not-a-direct-sequel games up their sleeves for E3. Or at least a hardware announcement? Come on guys, don’t let me down.

Trauma Center: New Blood will feature co-op play, new characters, and new missions, with a decidedly Trauma-Center-1-looking interface. Price and release date aren’t available yet, but we’ll keep you updated!

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