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Thursday August 11, 2005 3:43 pm

Nintendo Offers Animal Crossing Desktop Clock for Wi-Fi Survey Help

Posted by Alex Grahmann Categories: Portable/Mobile, Wii, Wireless,

Nintendo Wi-Fi Survey

Nintendo is looking to gather data on the types of internet connections people use by asking MyNintendo account members to download a small program that compiles network information off of the users PC and sends it back to Nintendo.  In return, the small download becomes an Animal Crossing desktop clock once the information has been sent.  The program retrieves and sends the following information:

  • Your Modem and Router manufacturer and type
  • The type of internet connection you have (DSL or Cable)
  • How your PC connects to your router (if applicable)
  • The model number of your router
  • Time you start the connection
  • Your IP Address
  • Cookie information
  • Total connecting time
  • UPnP Information (Model name)
  • UPnP Information (Model number)
  • Connection origin code
  • Destination server host name
  • Destination server global IP Address
  • Sending data CRC

If you’re a big Nintendo fan, this might be right up your alley, as the information will help Nintendo plan a good Wi-Fi service.  However, as is the case with anything that gathers information and sends it to companies, download at your own risk.

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