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Tuesday May 3, 2005 2:38 pm

My Perfect PSP: No Dead Pixels Here

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Portable/Mobile,

PSP So my PlayStation Portable finally arrived yesterday, via Gratis, and I was a bit concerned about what I would see upon booting it up. After hearing of all the problems with dead pixels, dust under the screen, and the like, who knew what shape this thing would be in? I am glad to say that my PSP does not have any of the aforementioned issues. It plays Lumines perfectly, without any of those pesky distractions. Unfortunately, it appears that the initial million PSP’s are gone, because this one came with a teaser disc instead of the Spider-Man 2 UMD. Oh well.

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I got mine too…FINALLY! Way to go Gratis and send out all those “preorders that you said you had” lol.

That “sampler disk” came with the first mil too. So you would have gotten that AND the Spiderman 2 Movie UMD if they had actually pulled through :(.

Anyway, congrats 😊


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