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Tuesday May 17, 2005 1:45 am

More Playstation 3 Images

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PS3 Images

Sony’s new console looks a lot like the complete opposite to Microsoft’s Xbox 360. While the new Xbox will remind you of an inhale, Sony’s Playstation resembles an exhale. Earlier it seemed as though Sony was going for the small and sleek look with the release of the redesigned Playstation and their slick PSP; now it seems as though they just tried to jam all that power into a case and worry about looks later. Oh well, the games do look amazing. At least we’re not disappointed with the insides! Check out the rest of the images after the jump.

PS3 Full PS3 Controller PS3 Front PS3 Horrizontal PS3 Side PS3 Standing PS3 Bottom PS3 Back PS3 Top PS3 Vertical


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im convinced they designed the controller like a boomerang so when you throw it in a fit of rage while playing GT (insert number here) it will return to you without you having to stroll to the other side of the room to pick it up. pure brilliance.

Everything looks great, except for the boomerang.


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