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Monday June 5, 2006 7:17 pm

Microsoft’s Live Anywhere Gains Support

Live ANywhereQUALCOMM announced June 1st that it will be supporting the Live Anywhere movement through use of it’s BREW software.  If you are using a Verizon Wireless cell phone and playing games, you are using BREW.  The announcement was made at the annual BREW developer’s conference in San Diego, and is good news for Microsoft.  Previous to this announcement Live Anywhere was a great theory but lacked visible backers in the wireless industry.  These showings of support by QUALCOMM and by proxy Verizon Wireless has lent credibility to the idea that I can purchase a game on the Xbox Live Arcade and gain the ability to play the game on your phone or interact on the go with your friends on Live.  Yet to be laid out is what consumers will have to pay Verizon for this access since Verizon is unlikely to just hand out access to their distribution service and lose revenue from games purchased on Live.  On the upside, combined with the free XBL gold weekends that Verizon has given out, the company may be showing a commitment to the gaming community and thus attracting more gamers to it’s multitude of services.

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