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Friday October 25, 2013 9:39 pm

Microsoft Xbox One ad invites you to become part of the game

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Microsoft, Xbox One,

Xbox One Invitation

Microsoft's latest ad for its upcoming Xbox One console focuses on the gaming experience in a fun way. As you can see, characters from games like Titanfall, FIFA, Dead Rising, and Forza Motorsport 5 all invite the player into the game itself. Become one with the game, if you will. Also shown is the slick integration of Skype, letting you video chat with those you're playing games with in a second window, and the movie watching experience, highlighted by Mr. Spock inviting the viewer into the movie. Definitely a cool spot. Check it out after the jump.



blazzer blazzer 9/9/14 9:06 pm

x box is the most amazing video game.
Love this one

clippingpathone clippingpathone 9/20/14 3:32 am

Its a very popular video game and love it to play in leaser time… thanks for sharing !!!!

Senproapk Senproapk 9/20/14 7:24 am

I really like Xbox one among other platforms. In comparison to graphics, Xbox one is much better than ps4. That’s just my own conviction, though.

Microsoft always fascinate with new and latest trends in gaming, especially this one is great one


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