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Thursday July 15, 2010 1:11 pm

Microsoft pulls plug on 1 vs 100 for Xbox Live

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Internet, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

1vs100 Xbox Live cancelledWell, it was definitely fun while it lasted, but Microsoft has decided that their 1 vs 100 Live game show was not worth continuing, and we won’t be seeing a season three. The whole 1 vs 100 Live experience was completely new and different from anything else ever tried on a game console, bringing thousands together at the same time to take part in a game show with a live host (Chris Cashman.) Our take? Sure, Chris Cashman may have been overbearing, but we aren’t gonna pin this on him. We think Microsoft has realized that the 1 vs 100 concept has run its course—we’re guessing we see something new (and better) step in and take its place soon enough. For now, the Sprint Theater is closing up shop.

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