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Thursday April 21, 2005 7:33 pm

Another Piece Of the Xbox 360 Puzzle

Posted by Oscar M. Cantu Categories: Xbox 360,

OurColony.net 4/20/05 Reward

The latest challenge from OurColony.net gave us an image of what looks to be a console as a reward. It is very possible this could be the next generation gaming console from Microsoft judging from what we already know of what they want to do with it. Let’s analyze the picture.

First, the color of the console in the image is silver, which is the color of most TV sets in today’s living rooms as well as most DVD players and home theater systems. Bill Gates has stated that his vision is to be in the living room of every American household. Marketing the Xbox in such a way as to complement the rest of the home entertainment appliances is definitely the way to achieve such a goal.

Secondly is the chrome part in the image. That looks like it is detachable from the rest of the system – removable flash memory drive perhaps? If the Xbox 360° is to sport a removable drive hard drive similar to the iPod, that is a very viable size for a docking port.

Last but not least, the latch towards the bottom of the image. This latch looks as though it releases the “shell” of the console. If that is the case, then a customizable Xbox 360° is in our future as had been previously stated. This would be a huge plus since some people would like to see the Xbox 360° in a white shell or with the classic black color instead of silver – depending on the color of the rest of their entertainment system color schemes.

This could all be speculation and the image could very well turn up to be some other type of gadget. Nonetheless, this image sparks many questions to mind. We will soon find out in the not so distant future of May 12th.

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doesn’t match with the newest mockup… who knows?!


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