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Tuesday April 26, 2005 1:30 am

Halo 2 New Multiplayer Maps

Halo 2 - Sanction

Our favorite first person shooter for the Xbox gets an update on Tuesday via Xbox Live. There are now four multiplayer maps available for download via the Content Download section of Xbox Live. These four maps are in two groups. The first one, “Bonus Map Pack”, includes Containment and Warlock maps – this one is a free download. The other pack is named “Killtacular Pack”, includes Turf and Sanctuary maps – this one is $5.99. The Killtacular Pack will set you back a couple of bucks now, but if you wait until June 28th you will be able to download those two packs free of charge. Be sure to check them out, download them and stain them with your opponents’ body parts. See ya’ll online!

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am I the only one that doesn’t like the idea of paying for new maps for a game I already paid for?

Or maybe I am just worried it would turn into a trend where we get charged for everything for all games in the future. Although the idea of having new updated content to “upgrade” your game after you already bought it is kind of cool, paying for it again isn’t…at least in my cheapstake mind heheh.

Map looks cool though.


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