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Sunday August 21, 2005 7:01 pm

GPS Based Cell Phone Games

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GPS Cell Phone GamesWith more and more cell phones featuring location awareness GPS, more games utilizing the technology are coming into the forefront of mobile gaming. Several games have been released that take advantage of GPS for control. Imagine a Pac-Man styled game where each part of the maze (containing 3-5 of the 100+ pellets) was a city block, and the game board itself was a crowded downtown corridor. The interesting interaction here is how the physical world is suddenly drawn into the virtual by requiring the user to go running about in order to accomplish their goal. The two released games so far seem to be more focused on a battleship-style navel combat game where users can interact with other players and try to “torpedo” them down by guessing their current location on street maps. Gaming evolved, or revolutionized - you make the call!

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