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Thursday October 26, 2006 12:11 am

Glitches Slip Into Pokemon Diamond, Pearl

Pokemon Diamond Nintendo of Japan has announced that Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl for the Nintendo DS have a “rare” bug that causes the came to malfunction in certain situations and possibly cause the loss of save date, according to GameSpot. A couple of workarounds have been posted to the official Japanese Pokemon website, and apparently, patches will be issued through Nintendo DS Download stations in Japan.

This glitch should be fixed by the time the game hits American shores, but this is the latest in a series of issues that have been found in Nintendo DS games. First, Amaze Entertainment, developers for Lego Star Wars 2 for the Nintendo DS admitted that the first batch of the game released had significant bugs, and later batches have slipstreamed in fixes. Then, it was revealed that Bubble Bobble Revolution had a huge bug that prevented users from finishing the game. Luckily, a series of horrible reviews for the game probably prevented many gamers from purchasing that title. Now, one of Nintendo’s highest profile titles has issues. It is hard to draw conclusions based on issues found in three separate development teams and publishers, but there does seem to be an overall rise in issues making their way to consumers across all platforms.

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