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Monday October 16, 2006 12:58 pm

EA To Charge For Cheat Codes

Tiger Woods 07 Next Generation is reporting that EA has expanded its plan to suck every last dime from gamers. Electronic Arts already made the unusual move to charge for game tutorials for Madden 2007 on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but the latest word is that the company will now charge for cheat codes for Tiger Woods 07. According to Next Generation, the cheat codes will range from $2.50 and $3.75; gamers should still be able to unlock everything in the game by playing through normally. However, if EA continues to monetize every extra in the game then gamers may find that unlocking items may become harder and harder in order to justify the cost of the cheat code.

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pretty lame. But I can imagine these codes will end up online and in magazines in no time. So no reason to pay for it 😉.

I’m sure this DLC will be locked to the downloader only much in the fashion that uniforms or stadiums currently are.  The fact still remains that this situation will become worse because people continue to pay for this crap when it’s been included in every game released since the early 80’s.  But I guess thats what happens when you have mommy and daddy’s pocketbook supporting your gaming habit rather than actually having to spend your own hard earned dollar; that might actually open peoples eyes to what they are wasting their money on.


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