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Friday January 5, 2007 1:21 am

EA Drops Prices for Lots of Soon-to-be-Obsolete Games

EA LogoHoping to clear off shelf space for next year’s iteration of Madden, Fight Night, and Tiger Woods, EA has dropped the price on a few games in their library. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to pick up many of EA’s titles for $10-$30 off of their usual price. Of course, with EA’s habit of shutting down servers for unpopular games, you might want to think twice before picking up anything that has a year attached to the title. Still, there are some fairly well reviewed titles to be found, including The Godfather and Need for Speed Carbon, so this might be a good way to get some extra bang out of that gift certificate you got this Christmas.

See the full list of reduced-price titles, after the jump…

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  • Def Jam Fight for New York: The Takedown (PSP)
  • Fight Night Round 3 (PS2, PSP, Xbox, X360)
  • Madden NFL 07 (Everything)
  • Need for Speed Carbon (GBA)
  • NHL 07 (PSP, Xbox)
  • Superman Returns (GBA)
  • The Godfather Mob Wars (PSP)
  • The Godfather: The Game (PS2, Xbox, X360)
  • Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth (X360)
  • The Sims 2 Pets (GBA)
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (PS2, PSP, X360, Xbox)
  • NASCAR 07 (PS2, PSP, Xbox)
  • NBA Live 07 (PSP)
  • FIFA Soccer 07 (PS2, PSP, Xbox, X360, GBA, GC)
  • NCAA Football 07 (PS2, PSP, Xbox, X360)



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