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Thursday April 6, 2006 3:11 pm

Dreamcast: King of 2D Fighters

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Fighting, Retro,

DreamcastRacketboy’s Retro Gaming blog has a great round-up of the 2D fighting games that appeared on the Dreamcast during its short life.  The Dreamcast managed to build a catalog of fighters that still hasn’t been matched on any of the next generation consoles, particularly if you were into the SNK/Playmore style of gameplay. The Dreamcast probably had the most King of Fighters variants of any console, and many of the later SNK games like Mark of the Wolves were awesome refinements of the 2D genre. Also of note was the madly infuriating but beautifully drawn Guilty Gear. While ports and sequels to these games can sometimes be found on next generation consoles, and older Street Fighter games have received historical collections, the games coming out on the Dreamcast at this time probably reflected the peak of the genre.

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