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Wednesday March 21, 2012 1:52 pm

Bioshock Infinite Preview Trailers: Heavy Hitters

The Internet is ablaze this week as more and more information about the Irrational Games upcoming release Bioshock Infinite is coming out. We now have 3 exclusive preview trailers released as of today, and we are sure to see more on the way. Irrational Games has named each trailer after the specific object in the game. The collection of these trailers is known simply as Bioshock Infinite Heavy Hitters, and, man, do they hit hard. Hit the jump to get a look at all three.

Starting off with trailer number one, we have the Motorized Patriot. The Motorized Patriot is no push-over as far as the game is concerned; he will be a tough one to beat. Modeled after the first President of the United States, The Motorized Patriot can and will stop at nothing. Unlike other enemies in the game, The Motorized Patriot is not alive and therefore has no fear. The Motorized Patriot certainly is going to be a challenge but there is still more to look forward to.

Moving right along there is the Handy Man, previously hinted at in the E3 trailer released last year. The name Handy Man comes from the characters hands, which are made out of porcelain and metal joints. The Handy Man is a cyborg-like Heavy Hitter similar to the original games Big Daddy Character. With a large metal body, and an easily distinguishable heart within the chest of this beast, The Handy Man has a range of abilities; one of which is to pick up either players or AI characters and throw them. Overall, the Handy Man seems to be the most fearsome enemy in the game, which is always fun.

Finally we have the Boys of Silence, the creepiest thing to come bundled in a video game this year. The boys of silence are small characters that, if you’re quiet, are easily avoidable. These characters are blind but can hear very well, this fact amplified by the large ear cones attached to their heads. There is nothing to fear within the Boys of Silence themselves besides the fact that they can call in enemies at will if attacked or startled. Compared to the Cameras in the original Bioshock games, (if a camera could walk around while looking for you) the Boys of Silence are something to fear and the player should keep that in mind while playing.

Those are all of the trailers released so far, but we do expect more in the foreseeable future so stick around with us



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