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Italian Tomato Cheese Salad Recipe

While we are in the middle of salad week, don’t think we forgot about all those tasty salads that have nothing to do with lettuce. In fact, here is a recipe for Italian Tomato Cheese Salad - perfect for use an an hors d’oeuvre or first course: Italian Tomato Cheese Salad 2-3 tomatoes, sliced thinly 6-8 ounces cheese (mozzarella, baby Swiss, or havarti), sliced thinly olive oil salt (optional) 1 teaspoon fresh basil, minced Slice the …

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Handling Lettuce and Other Salad Greens

Wash garden lettuces or other salad greens well, but do not let them soak in water. This can soften the leaves and cause them to spoil quicker.  Dry the greens thoroughly, either by blotting with paper towels or with a salad spinner. They can be stored in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, but put a damp paper towel into the bag before closing. Otherwise, place a paper towel in the bottom of a plastic container. …

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All About Mesclun

Many of the greens found in the wild have become legitimized by the popularity of mesclun mixes and intentionally cultivated. Mesclun, comes from a French word meaning “mixture.”  Originating in Provence, France, mesclun traditionally was a blend of chervil, arugula, lettuce, and endive. These were usually grown together and harvested when only a few inches high. Mesclun in America is much more varied. Not only are the blends packed with eight to sixteen different kinds of …

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The Salad Blaster and Vegetable Storage Containers

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Posted by Janie Franz
Categories: Kitchen Gadgets, Condiments, Salad,

The Salad Blaster is a way to transport your salad and your dressing without mingling the two until the precise moment. The lid of the Salad Blaster stores the dressing and the spacious container holds the greens. When you get to your picnic, pour the dressing into the salad. Put on the lid and shake. Individual plastic storage container to fit round veggies like bell peppers and onions are handy to have. They are great …

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Wild Salad Greens Found in Your Supermarket

Most wild salad greens are just pesky weeds to most people. Yet, many upscale supermarkets carry wild greens, and fine dining establishments use dandelion greens, a variety of watercresses, lambs quarters, and even French purslane in their creations. These weeds are really nutritious and very tasty. Wash them well, and chop or tear them into very small pieces to distribute their unique flavors. Use singly in a salad or mix them with other wild greens and …

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Nasturtiums: Edible Flowers

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Posted by Janie Franz
Categories: Trends, Strange Food, Salad,

It has been long known that chefs use nasturtiums as garnishes and as ingredients in salads.  One of the first to peep out of the ground and burst into bloom are spring violets. These orchid-like flowers add color to spring salads, are used for garnishes for tea sandwiches and desserts, and can even be candied for wedding cake decorations.  Johnny-jumpups and pansies can also be candied for decorations.  Other flowers that can be a great addition …

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Necessary Salad Gear: The Salad Spinner

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Posted by Janie Franz
Categories: Utensils, Salad,

Though you wash salad greens thoroughly, you don’t want the leaves to remain wet or your salad dressings will slide right off. That’s why a salad spinner is essential for any home cook. A salad spinner uses centrifugal force to spin the water away from the salad greens to the sides of the container. The large pump action ones are the best. You don’t have to crank the thing. You just pump the pump in the …

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The Low Down On Lettuce

The foundation of most salads is a leafy green, usually lettuce.  A member of the daisy family, lettuce is thought to have come from Central Asia and was cultivated in the royal gardens of Persia around 500 BC. Four main types of lettuce exist today:  looseleaf, cos (romaine), butterhead, and crisphead (Iceberg).  Looseleaf varieties include black-seeded Simpson, Oakleaf, Salad Bowl, and the red varieties (Red Sails and Red Salad Bowl). Butterhead lettuces, Bibb and Boston, are …

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What’s In a Salad

When we think of summer, cooking in a hot kitchen is the last thing we want to do. That’s why salads, cold soups, and quick grilled entrees have become some of summer greatest culinary pleasures. This week, we’re going to look at salads and salad dressings. Any vegetable can be used in a salad, either as the base or as a delicious tidbit in a lovely bowl of lettuce. Leftover cooked vegetables (lima beans, broccoli, peas, …

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Introducing Food Squeeze

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Posted by Andru Edwards
Categories: Site Announcements,

Welcome to Feed Squeeze. Here you’ll find out everything you wanted to know about the culinary arts and how you can become a food expert in your own kitchen. We’ll feature your favorite foods and introduce you to new ones. We’ll talk about wine, how to store it, how to serve it, and what to serve it with. We’ll experiment with cooking with wine and spirits.  We’ll look into the history of specific foods and …

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