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Tuesday July 11, 2006 5:00 am

Nasturtiums: Edible Flowers

Posted by Janie Franz Categories: Trends, Strange Food, Salad,

NasturtiumsIt has been long known that chefs use nasturtiums as garnishes and as ingredients in salads.  One of the first to peep out of the ground and burst into bloom are spring violets. These orchid-like flowers add color to spring salads, are used for garnishes for tea sandwiches and desserts, and can even be candied for wedding cake decorations.  Johnny-jumpups and pansies can also be candied for decorations.  Other flowers that can be a great addition to salads are calendula (tangy, peppery taste), anise hyssop (anise flavor), dianthus (pinks taste like cloves), lavender, lovage (celery flavor), and roses. Depending on the variety, marigolds can have a peppery taste or a citrus zing.  Squash blossoms have been used in salads, but are also stuffed, sauteed, or breaded and deep fried whole.

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