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Recipe: Korean Short Ribs with Marinade

I am a big fan of short ribs, and also enjoy a good marinade. There's just something about the way a few key ingredients can totally enhance the flavor of meat after leaving it to sit for a while in the fridge. Korean short ribs are a prime example. Typically, the marinade has a handful of ingredients, and you can taste each one in the end result. Here's a recipe for Korean-style short ribs, with …

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Recipe: Bang Bang Chicken

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Posted by Jenny Lewis
Categories: Dinner, Lunch, Recipes, Poultry, Far East, Boiling,

I love Chinese food. If I had my way, I’d have it at least once a day, every day. I’m lucky enough to have four Chinese delivery options in my neighborhood, and you can bet I know exactly which one to call depending on what I have a taste for that day. But when I came across this recipe on the Internet one day, I had to try it.  I think that I am safe …

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Monkey-picked tea

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Posted by Andru Edwards
Categories: Beverages, Tea, Far East, Boiling,

We know, it sounds odd. Why would anyone want to drink tea that has bee picked by a monkey? Does it make it taste any better? As the story goes, this is some of the best tea available, but the trees it grows in are too high, and the mountain face where the trees are is too steep. However, the tea is so delicious that the locals had to have it - so they trained monkeys …

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A Little History: Coffee

“Ah! How sweet coffee tastes! Lovelier than a thousand kisses, sweeter far than…wine!” From J. S. Bach’s “Coffee Cantata,” 1732 Oh, that rich aroma, wafting in from the kitchen, lures us from our beds. It tantalizes us throughout our day and into the late hours. It can found in any number of roasts, blends, and flavors and even in other delicious treats besides its popular liquid form. Coffee, once only a Middle Eastern delight, is grown …

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Sesame Thai Salad Dressing Recipe

This simple Sesame Thai Salad Dressing recipe requires just four simple ingredients. This one is especially good when poured over leaf lettuce, mandarin oranges, cooked asparagus, and slivered almonds: Sesame Thai Dressing Ingredients: 1/4 cup white vinegar 1/4 cup sesame oil 1 teaspoon brown sugar 1/4 cup soy sauce 1 tablespoon Hoisan sauce Put all ingredients into a bowl, add the oil, and whisk together. ...

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The Low Down On Lettuce

The foundation of most salads is a leafy green, usually lettuce.  A member of the daisy family, lettuce is thought to have come from Central Asia and was cultivated in the royal gardens of Persia around 500 BC. Four main types of lettuce exist today:  looseleaf, cos (romaine), butterhead, and crisphead (Iceberg).  Looseleaf varieties include black-seeded Simpson, Oakleaf, Salad Bowl, and the red varieties (Red Sails and Red Salad Bowl). Butterhead lettuces, Bibb and Boston, are …

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