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Brett Favre

Okay, so it’s really not breaking news as we were all expecting this… I know I did.  Now all we have to do is wait to hear that Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings and everyone that hardly tried to be Nostradamus can check “Favre signing with the Vikes” from their list of predictions.  Oh, Brett… do you really want to exact revenge on the Green Bay Packers that much?  Get into the NFC North, face your old team twice, and make them regret it?  Okay, you’re more than right to have that as your motivation, but don’t you think you’re damaging your shine a bit?  Favre will always be a Packer, so any attempts to achieve the production he did with the Pack on any other team is somewhat insulting to his own legacy.  I wish he would just stay retired and walk off into the sunset guns smoking, his legend intact, and his time with the New York Jets considered a last attempt at glory, which is very much understood.  But, it won’t happen.

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Jerry Jones

I thought all the playoff possibilities prior to Sunday would drive me nutty. Now after all the results are in, I’m still woozy. I can’t keep track of all the junky efforts we saw on the field and my coaches’ scorecard is getting marked up something fierce with all the firings that are piling up.

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With two pushes last week, I believe that further proves how good Vegas gets as the season progresses.  I want you to match my record with all the other so-called experts out there and find someone doing significantly better.  I also want you to then ask yourself, if I can be better than all the ones in newspapers, on television, or on the radio, then why can’t you?  The answer to that is that you can, and you are.

Season: 117-102-5
Last Week: 8-6-2

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Let’s just throw everything in the air and see what happens. That’s what seemingly happened this weekend in the NFL. Crazy endings and all sorts of things got mixed up. But this helter skelter nature has led to some interesting scenarios.

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Donovan McNabb

The Tennessee Titans’ Jeff Fisher jumped out of an airplane to join the team at practice last week. He was trying to keep it loose for a team that was undefeated at the time. As we now know, it didn’t work. Tennessee lost to the New York Jets, 34-13. While the Titans are winners for 2008, which teams are in vital need for some tricks to pump up their flailing seasons?

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Brett Favre

Sorry, Tennessee Titans, but the undefeated dream season is over as the New York Jets (8-3) shattered the dream with a 34-13 victory over the previously unbeaten Titans (10-1).  However, not going undefeated might be a good thing, especially when considering the New England Patriots’ unfortunate fate last season as they lost to the New York Giants in the Super Bowl for the Pats’ first loss.  With the win, the Jets are proving that they will be a force to reckon with if they make it into the NFL playoffs, after beating the Titans this week and AFC East division rival Patriots the previous week. 

Brett Favre had an efficient game and proved to still have “it” - the ability to pick apart a defense and lead his team to victory.  Favre finished the game going 25-for-32, accumulating 224 passing yards, throwing for two touchdowns and one interception.  Backup running back Leon Washington ran for two scores, gaining 82 yards on eight carries, including a 61-yard TD run.  The Titans dangerous running game with rookie Chris Johnson and LenDale White rushed for only 45 yards on the ground, partly because the Titans were trailing and needed to throw the ball.  NFL Comeback Player of the Year candidate Kerry Collins tried to bring the Titans back, but couldn’t, finishing with 243 yards on 21-of-39 passing, and one TD.

The Titans try to get back on the winning track as they head to Motown, visiting the Detroit Lions.  The Jets try to continue their winning ways as they host the Denver Broncos next week.

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Matt Forte

While everyone will be tuned into the New York Jets-Tennessee Titans game to see if Brett Favre & Company can knock off Tennessee, the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings will be slugging it out for top honors in the NFC North. Coming off an humiliating 37-3 trouncing to the Packers, the Bears will travel to the Gateway to the West to take on the woeful St. Louis Rams. Did someone say “massacre in the making”? You betcha. running back Matt Forte will decimate the Rams defense and Kyle Orton will shower the St. Louis secondary with an aerial bombardment. Bears by 14.

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