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Troy Polamalu

The Fig Caption: Number 43 wants another trophy in Super Bowl 43… is it destined in the numbers?

The NFL’s 43rd Super Bowl goes down this Sunday, February 1st at 6:28 PM ET in Tampa Bay, Florida on NBC.  The NFC champion Arizona Cardinals (9-7) hope to keep the postseason magic going as they face off against AFC champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4).  The Cardinals had a more burdensome postseason path than the Steelers as Arizona needed to defeat the Atlanta Falcons (30-24 @ Arizona) in the Wildcard Round, take on heavily favored Carolina Panthers and light them up on the road (33-13 @ Carolina) during the Divisional Round, and finally, beat the Philadelphia Eagles in a close game (32-25 @ Arizona) during the NFC Championship Round.  The Steelers on the other hand, had a first round bye, defeated the San Diego Chargers handily (35-24 @ Pittsburgh) in the Divisional Round, and beat the Baltimore Ravens in a closer match-up than the score indicates (23-14 @ Pittsburgh) in the AFC Championship Round thanks to a timely Troy Polamalu interception.

The road for both teams has been a long and taxing road, as only an NFL schedule could be, but on Sunday, one of them will reach the ultimate destination - a Super Bowl victory.

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The playoffs are looming large for several teams in the NFC.  As of this writing, the Arizona Cardinals are the team who seem to have their division wrapped up with a 7-5 record over the second place San Francisco 49ers who are 3-8. The New York Giants are right on the cusp of wrapping up the NFC East with a 10-1 record, two and a half games over the second place Dallas Cowboys who are 8-4. In the NFC North, the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings are knotted with 6-5 records, one game ahead of the Green Bay Packers who are 5-6. In the NFC South, the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are knotted at 8-3 for first place, one game ahead of the Atlanta Falcons who are 7-4 and two games ahead of the 6-5 New Orleans Saints.

What follows is just one writer’s garden theory on who will win their respective divisions and wild card teams.

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Donovan McNabb

The Tennessee Titans’ Jeff Fisher jumped out of an airplane to join the team at practice last week. He was trying to keep it loose for a team that was undefeated at the time. As we now know, it didn’t work. Tennessee lost to the New York Jets, 34-13. While the Titans are winners for 2008, which teams are in vital need for some tricks to pump up their flailing seasons?

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Matt Forte

While everyone will be tuned into the New York Jets-Tennessee Titans game to see if Brett Favre & Company can knock off Tennessee, the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings will be slugging it out for top honors in the NFC North. Coming off an humiliating 37-3 trouncing to the Packers, the Bears will travel to the Gateway to the West to take on the woeful St. Louis Rams. Did someone say “massacre in the making”? You betcha. running back Matt Forte will decimate the Rams defense and Kyle Orton will shower the St. Louis secondary with an aerial bombardment. Bears by 14.

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I went 2 games over .500 and am at 54% for the year.  Yes it would be nice to make faster progress, but its all about learning and its all about the accumulation of knowledge for years to come.  Unless one of your bets is going to net you enough to retire, you are going to be betting again.  Settle in, get comfortable and start paying attention.
Season: 85-72-3
Last Week: 9-7-0

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Troy Polamalu

In honor of Dennis Green’s infamous 2006 press conference following his Arizona Cardinals’ meltdown loss to the Chicago Bears, I give you the “They Were Who We Thought They Were (TWWWTTW)” edition of this week’s NFL Review.

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I just returned from a celebration.  A night of laughter and pride.  I attended a high school football game in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  The game was a big deal; at least for the people I spent time with.  The team I was hanging out with won, so I had the honor of being in attendance at a coaches’ post game celebratory gathering.  It was good times!

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