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Sunday December 14, 2008 10:46 am

Dean Browski Picks for NFL Week 15

A rough week last time out, but we bounce back today.
Season: 109-96-3
Last Week: 7-9-0

New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears
Notes: This game ended up a Push, and I liked the Bears.  Don’t believe me again? Go here: Dean Likes the Bears
Pick: Bears -3

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons
Notes: Atlanta is having a great year, no doubt, but the Buccaneers are better and at this time of year being there before matters.
Pick: Buccaneers +3

San Francisco 49ers @ Miami Dolphins
Notes: The 49ers are the only West Coast team to win a 1pm game on the East Coast this year.  Also, just like the Falcons I believe the Dolphins turnaround will not be able to surpass a revitalized 49er team.
Pick: 49ers +6
Better Bettor Girls
Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis Rams
Notes: Who f’n cares about this game?!
Pick: Seahawks -2.5

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets
Notes: The Bronco game aside, the Jets have been good at home this year.  The Bills seem to have called it in as well.
Pick: Jets -7.5

San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs
Notes: The Chargers are done for the year, so they will now play better.  Norv Turner is such a loser!
Pick: Chargers -6

Washington Redskins @ Cincinnati Bengals
Notes: The Bengals tied the Eagles, took the Giants to OT, and scared the Cowboys pretty good.  The Redskins fighting will also do them in.
Pick: Bengals +7

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans
Notes: The Titans are just better, and the Texans have done nothing to show they can win this game and 3 points isn’t all that much.
Pick: Titans -3

Green Bay Packers @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Notes: How happy must the Packers be to be in Jacksonville and not Green Bay?
Pick: Packers -2

Detroit Lions @ Indianapolis Colts
Notes: This is a lot of points, even with the Colts at home.
Pick: Lions +17

Minnesota Vikings @ Arizona Cardinals
Notes: Arizona is good in the desert.
Pick: Cardinals -3

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens
Notes: I wouldn’t blame anyone for taking the Ravens, but I like the Steelers.
Pick: Steelers +3

Denver Broncos @ Carolina Panthers
Notes: The Panthers have that look about them.
Pick: Panthers -7.5

New England Patriots @ Oakland Raiders
Notes: Only have to win by a TD? I will take the Pats.
Pick: Patriots -6.5

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys
Notes: I can not wait to see what transpires during this game.
Pick: Giants +3

Cleveland Browns @ Philadelphia Eagles
Notes: A lot of points, but here come the Eagles.
Pick: Eagles -14

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