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Tuesday May 5, 2009 10:28 pm

Breaking News: Brett Favre To Talk To The Minnesota Vikings

Brett Favre

Okay, so it’s really not breaking news as we were all expecting this… I know I did.  Now all we have to do is wait to hear that Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings and everyone that hardly tried to be Nostradamus can check “Favre signing with the Vikes” from their list of predictions.  Oh, Brett… do you really want to exact revenge on the Green Bay Packers that much?  Get into the NFC North, face your old team twice, and make them regret it?  Okay, you’re more than right to have that as your motivation, but don’t you think you’re damaging your shine a bit?  Favre will always be a Packer, so any attempts to achieve the production he did with the Pack on any other team is somewhat insulting to his own legacy.  I wish he would just stay retired and walk off into the sunset guns smoking, his legend intact, and his time with the New York Jets considered a last attempt at glory, which is very much understood.  But, it won’t happen.

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