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Thursday November 27, 2008 10:14 am

Dean Browski Picks for NFL Week 13

Last week ended up .500 which didn’t hurt, but it didn’t help either.  Only a few weeks left to increase the profit.

Season: 93-80-3
Last Week: 8-8-0

Tennessee Titans @ Detroit Lions
Notes: I guess it would be cool if the Lions got their first win on Thanksgiving Day, but it would also be cool for a unicorn to show up with a leprechaun on its back and a genie in a lamp.  But who
needs a win when all you gotta do is keep it reasonably close.
Pick: Lions +11

Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys
Notes: Last week Daryl Johnston commented that the Cowboys are used to a short week, I believe him.  The Seahawks also aren’t very good.
Pick: Cowboys -12.5
Smiling Cheerleader
Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles
Notes: So many reasons to take the Cardinals, but this is the NFL and that is the only reason I need to take the Eagles.
Pick: Eagles -3

San Francisco 49ers @ Buffalo Bills
Notes: This game makes me a little nervous as I am not sure what to expect from either team.  The Bills offense found a rhythm last week, I will wager that they keep it for at least one more week.
Pick: Bills -6.5

Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals
Notes: I can’t find a reason to take the Bengals unless the weatherl, specifically the wind, comes into play as it has in two other games in Cincinnati this year.
Pick: Ravens -7

New York Giants @ Washington Redskins
Notes: It just feels like a normal battle between these two teams.  I am not sure the Giants will find the ground success on Sunday that they have been finding against others this year.
Pick: Redskins +3.5

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Notes: I am betting the Saints offense can keep it rolling for another week.
Pick: Saints +3.5

Miami Dolphins @ St. Louis Rams
Notes: There is no line on this game at the time of this writing, except for the Las Vegas Hilton which has it at Miami -7.  I set the line at Miami -5, and ESPN’s fans have it Miami -10.  I will take
The Dolphins up to 8, then I may change my mind.
Pick: Dolphins -9

Indianapolis Colts @ Cleveland Browns
Notes: The Colts are getting it going on, the Browns are showing who they really are.
Pick: Colts -4.5

Carolina Panthers @ Green Bay Packers
Notes: I had a vision that the Panthers would win this game.  I really hope the salvia divornum is correct again.
Pick: Panthers +3

Atlanta Falcons @ San Diego Chargers
Notes: It makes NFL sense for the Chargers to win this game.  Not NFL sense in the ‘rigged’ way, but NFL logic which is counter intuitive most of the time.
Pick: Chargers -5

Denver Broncos @ New York Jets
Notes: If I listen to the Jet fans they are fearful of the Broncos because . . . well, because they are Jet fans.  The Jets are proving to be a team that takes care of business, the Raider game this
year as an exception.  That said, the Broncos got smoked at home by that same Raiders team last week.
Pick: Jets -9

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots
Notes: The Patriots defense is not great, and I am betting their offense will not find much success against the Steeler defense.
Pick: Steelers +1

Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders
Notes: It is distinctly possible for the Raiders to lose this game, however it is more possible that the Chiefs will.
Pick: Raiders -3

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings
Notes: The Vikings are home after a 1-1 road trip.  This game was a scorefest last time.
Pick: Vikings -3.5

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans
Notes: The Jaguars are done, the Texans should score on Monday night often.
Pick:Texans -3

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