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Sunday December 21, 2008 11:30 am

Dean Browski Picks for NFL Week 16

With two pushes last week, I believe that further proves how good Vegas gets as the season progresses.  I want you to match my record with all the other so-called experts out there and find someone doing significantly better.  I also want you to then ask yourself, if I can be better than all the ones in newspapers, on television, or on the radio, then why can’t you?  The answer to that is that you can, and you are.

Season: 117-102-5
Last Week: 8-6-2

Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Notes: I got the winner right with this one, but not the cover. Go here: Dean Likes the Colts to win but the Jags to cover.
Pick: Jaguars +5.5

Baltimore Ravens @ Dallas Cowboys
Notes: I took the Ravens Money Line last night.  That win gives me three winning tickets to collect on in Vegas, and brings my postseason predictions one step closer to reality. Go here: Dean Likes the Ravens to win.
Pick: Ravens +5

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns
Notes: I called the Benglas win over the Redskins last week, so you might think I would like them again this week.  However, the sole reason I took the Bengals was because they were playing an NFC East team, and the Bengals had done well all year against that division.  The Bengals
have not fared so well against the other divisions, especially their own.
Pick: Browns -2.5

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans
Notes: I believe that one-reason decision making is the way to go with the majority of betting decisions.  At the end of the year I like to use ‘who needs the game more’ as the sole reason.  The Titans need this game more than the Steelers do.
Pick: Titans +3
Better Bettor Cheerleaders
San Francisco 49ers @ St. Louis Rams
Notes: I am using the 49ers renewed energy as the one-reason to take them today.
Pick: 49ers -4.5

San Diego Chargers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Notes: West coast team playing at 1pm on the East coast, and the Bucs are better, and they need this game.  When there are three reasons to take a team, take them and put some extra action on them.  I have the Bucs in a 3-team parlay as well today.
Pick: Buccaneers -3.5

New Orleans Saints @ Detroit Lions
Notes: The Lions couldn’t choose a better team to play in order to break their 0-14 streak this season.  I also bet the Lions money line today.
Pick: Lions +7

Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs
Notes: The Chiefs have not won much this year, but they have also lost a lot of close games. New management is coming to Kansas City and it will be interesting to see how the players respond.  DOn’t expect Herm Edwards to stick around, but also expect him to get his team ready today.  Herm also knows Chad
Pennington very well, that could be an advantage to the Chiefs.
Pick: Chiefs +3.5

Arizona Cardinals @ New England Patriots
Notes: West Coast team on the East coast, 1pm game.  Arizona does not need this game.  New England does.  Bad weather. Any questions?
Pick: Patriots -8

Buffalo Bills @ Denver Broncos
Notes: Denver is so inconsistent, so are the Bills.  I expect a close game, and Buffalo’s running game should keep it that way.
Pick: Bills +6

New York Jets @ Seattle Seahawks
Notes: The Jets are going in the wrong direction, but 3.5 points should be doable for them today in Seattle.
Pick: Jets -3.5

Houston Texans @ Oakland Raiders
Notes: I don’t think the Texans are deserving of being 7 point favorites on the road.
Pick: Raiders +7

Atlanta Falcons @ Minnesota Vikings
Notes: The Vikings are making the playoffs, the Falcons aren’t.  I made that prediction and in order for it to happen, this game will be won by the Vikings.
Pick: Vikings -3

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins
Notes: The Eagles are getting better, the Redskins are getting worse.
Pick: Eagles -5

Carolina Panthers @ New York Giants
Notes: Too many injuries for the Giants and the Panthers are playing very well.
Pick: Panthers +3.5

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears
Notes: The Packers get to end the Bears run toward the playoffs, and they will.
Pick: Packers +4

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