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Monday December 15, 2008 8:52 pm

You Gotta Be Kidding Me Steelers, Bills, Giants!


Let’s just throw everything in the air and see what happens. That’s what seemingly happened this weekend in the NFL. Crazy endings and all sorts of things got mixed up. But this helter skelter nature has led to some interesting scenarios.

How about J.P. Losman giving the game to the New York Jets on Sunday? With less than two minutes on the clock and the Buffalo Bills leading 27-24, Losman can’t hang onto the ball as he’s sacked. The ball is coughed up and picked up by Jets DL Shaun Ellis who rumbles in from 11 yards for the winning TD. This play would make Santa proud: Xmas gift delivered. The Jets are now that much stronger in lining up for a playoff spot.

The Pittsburgh Steelers pull off another nail-biter. They need a “magical” TD catch by Santonio Holmes in the final 43 seconds to beat the Baltimore Ravens. Now, because the Tennessee Titans lost, the Steelers have a chance to snatch the AFC’s best record and home field for the playoffs. All they need is a victory over a suddenly shaky Titans team next Sunday on the road. Normally, I’d say the Steelers are bound to lose one of these close games. But who could challenge them?  You gotta be kidding!  Oh… maybe the Indianapolis Colts! They are 10–4 and have won seven straight. They look like a lock for a wild-card berth. The Colts are under the radar in the AFC. With Peyton Manning leading the charge and being an experienced playoff team, will they be the “surprise” team of the playoffs? Are you kidding?!?

I think we’ve all noticed that the New York Giants have lost two straight. Under the cloud of Plaxico Burress and the lack of running back Brandon Jacobs, a once streamlined vehicle is showing some wobble. Even “hit-by-collateral-Plaxico” Antonio Pierce has had a tough two games against the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, whom the Giants lost to this past week. If Jacobs comes back strong and they can get back to a strong running component, nobody expects them to be at too much of a loss. But all of a sudden the up-and-coming Carolina Panthers will be in town on Sunday to battle the Giants for the potential best record in NFC and rights to home-field throughout the playoffs. The Panthers are on a three game winning streak. The Giants were cruising. Now they no longer look untouchable. I kid you not.  Back to the Giants/Cowboys game, were my eyes deceiving me? Was that Tony Romo, Terrell Owens and Jason Witten laughing and joking near the end of their victory over New York? Am I on eggnog overload or something? Didn’t they just have a weeklong snipefest going on? Awww, winning solves everything. But was this vision brought to us by the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, or Future?

Baltimore, Miami and New England look to be fighting for the last wildcard berth in the AFC. Miami in the playoffs after going 1-15 last year? Baltimore making it to the playoffs on the back of a rookie quarterback? New England making the playoffs with a QB who had practically zero game time in the pros AND college?

No kidding.



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