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Herman EdwardsNew York Jets coach, had his weekly press conference on Wednesday.  He has been routinely asked why the Jets haven’t opened up the playbook, and the continued conservative approach on offense.  Here was his reply:

“We’re doing the best we can do. It sounds real good, ‘Open it up, go for broke, go do this, and go do that,” he said. “That gives you the best chance of getting blown out in a game, trying to play that way. It’s not like you throw caution to the wind. Go out there, run double reverses, trick plays. We’re not some circus team.”

It’s refreshing to see there is still some fire left in the belly, most were wondering if Edwards was just packing it in for the rest of the season.  Now Jet fans know the reason behind the madness on offense.


Braves Farm SystemCatcher Johnny Estrada was dealt to the Arizona D-backs for two young right-handed relievers, Lance Cormier and Oscar Villarreal.  Braves Manager Bobby Cox and GM John Schuerholz has kept the Braves dynasty running for longer than most people in the media and analysts have predicted.  Estrada became expendable after farmhand Brian McCann played well down the stretch in place of Estrada after a head injury back in June.

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Tony Dungy  While many fans in Indianapolis are waiting for the Colts to complete their perfect season, the thought of one of their superstar players getting injured seems like a nightmare.  A nightmare that is on the back of Tony Dungy’s mind as he contemplates how he is going to coach this amazing team for the rest of the season.  Guest sports analyst, Frank Santangelo, gives us some insight on what the inner workings of today’s Colts coach after the jump.

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Los Angeles DodgersDodgers will have a new look for the 2006 season. Out is manager Jim Tracy, in is ex-Red Sox manager Grady Little. The weak NL West will be up for grabs. Closer Eric Gagne and OF JD Drew will come back from an injury-plagued 2005. Earlier this week, Dodgers signed free agent SS Rafael Furcal to a 3-year, 39 million dollar contract. Furcal looked like he was heading back to the Braves or to the Cubs, but Dodgers stepped in at the 11th hour.

Matt LeinertTo the casual football fan, Saturday was a day to tune in to college football.  The day ended with two huge blowouts, USC winning over UCLA 66-19, and Texas defeating Colorado 70-3. Both teams now end the regular season standing at a perfect 12-0.  Fans yearning for the yearly debate of implementing a play-off system will have to wait another year.  This year the BCS computer rankings will not cause any controversies, because the undisputed #1 USC Trojans will face off against the undisputed #2 Texas Longhorns for the National Championship. 
This match up is going to interest even fans that are only into the NFL.  Between the Texas and USC match up, you could possibly end up watching the top 3 players in the 2006 NFL draft.  Texas are led by QB Vince Young, who remind some scouts of a young Dante Culpepper, and USC boasts last years Heisman trophy winner, QB Matt Leinert,  and possibly this years Heisman winner, RB Reggie Bush.

Hopkins vs. Taylor

Bernard Hopkins fought Jermain Taylor in a rematch for the middleweight title.  In their first encounter, Taylor was crowned new undisputed middleweight champion.  This time around Taylor won again and retained the title in a close judges’ decision, where there were no knock-downs.

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Paul KonerkoThe White Sox retain their big right-handed bat in the line-up, with a deal for 5 years at 60 million.  After being pursued by the Orioles, Dodgers and Angels, he decides to take a slight hometown discount.  White Sox plan to use right-handers Jermaine Dye and Konerko to sandwich newly acquired lefty bat DH Jim Thome from the Phillies - who was dealt for CF Aaron Rowand.  White Sox are planning on shifting LF Scott Podsednik to CF, and bring up farmhand Brian Anderson. 

Jim ThomePhillies now have solved their CF issue, with Kenny Lofton a free agent, and no longer have to worry about splitting time between Thome and ROY Ryan Howard at first base.  The Phillies staff was able to unload Thome’s contract, who is still owed 43.5 million over 3 years remaining on his contract.

ESPN.COM has come up with a fictional all-time bracket to decide which schools’ program has had the best players, and who would take home the crown.  The tournament has dwindled down all the way to its Final Four: Georgetown, UCLA, LSU, and North Carolina.  This is a great read for those that haven’t caught the college basketball buzz yet, which doesn’t happen for most fans until around January or February. 

Check it out and relive some of your old favorite players from the past.  It doesn’t matter if your guys only stuck around for a year or two and went pro.  Can anyone stop the speed and shooting of Georgia Tech’s 3-point guard attack of Mark Price, Kenny Anderson and Stephon Marbury?  Can the Michigan’s Fab 5 take it all the way now they have some outside shooting help thanks to Glenn Rice?  Shaq couldn’t get the job done in his time with LSU, but now he has help with Pistol Pete Mavarich from the past. 

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Quarterback: Drew Brees could have single handily brought fantasy teams to a win.  He’s now considered a top flight fantasy player, ranking only behind Carson Palmer, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady.

Running back:  Stephen Jackson limited to 6 yards, 16 receiving yards, and a fumble.  Who knew the Arizona defense had it in them?
Dallas situation with Julius Jones and Marion Barber might end up like last years Pittsburgh tandem of Duce Staley picking up the majority of the yards and Jerome Bettis putting it in for the touchdown.

Wide Receiver:  Everyone is waiting for a scoop on the Terrell Owens situation, maybe he’ll get released, and someone will be able to pick up a bona-fide all world player.  Many teams are shying away; the only team that seems to have no comment on situation has been the Dallas Cowboys.  Matt Jones of the Jaguars has been turning it up, catching a touchdown the last 2 games.

Tight End: Everyone with Antonio Gates should not worry, it looks like he won’t miss any time off.  Randy McMichael was shut out completely by the Cleveland Browns, people might have under-estimated their defense, which is 4th in the AFC in Pts allowed, though much stronger against the pass than the run.

Kicker: Neil Rackers of the Arizona Cardinals is having a monster season.  He is actually ranked in the top 20 of total players in the league for fantasy point production.  The 2nd most for kickers is Jay Feely in the mid 40’s.  Thank you Arizona for hardly ever getting all the way to the endzone.

Defense: Denver Broncos gave the Jets a pounding.  Those who picked up Denver defense was in for a treat.  Everyone should just follow the strategy of picking up whoever the Jets have as an opponent.  Oakland will be available in most leagues also, there facing Miami, who might pack it in for the rest of the season.

NFL Week 12 Matchup

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New-Orleans-Saints AT NY Jets
(2-8) New Orleans Saints at (2-8) New York Jets. 

That’s right, I’m going to go with the Worst Game of the Year. It is not even a case of these teams needing a win badly for morale.  Now this game is going to break the record for most graphics about next year’s needs.  You almost feel bad for these two teams in that they have to actually play the game, and be tortured for 60 minutes rather than just forfeiting.  That being said, this game is actually winnable for either team.Kilff KingsburySo why is this my game of the week? I have no idea who is going to win this game?  Who knows, it might end up a 3-3 tie, this way there will be further debate which team has had the more miserable season.  The intriguing part will be all the odd plays, the botched snaps that go for fumble TD’s, juggled punt returns (oh there will be many punts), the penalties on offense. We’ll get to see the 3rd and 25, which are always fun to watch.  Let’s not forget ridiculous moments like draw plays on the 3rd and long that might actually pick up a 1st down.  We’ll also see some guy named Kliff Kingsbury at QB for the Jets.  Hey you Al Bundy’s of the world, start warming up, if Kliff goes down to injury, you might have a shot at Quarterback next.  If you guys like CFL or the XFL, this will be the place to be, otherwise just go out Christmas shopping.