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Jimmie Johnson wins the Daytona 500Today’s event, the Daytona 500, is the first point earning event for the Nascar Nextel Cup of the 2006 season.  Jimmie Johnson, who has been predicted by the Sporting News to finish sixth for the 2006 season, took home his first Daytona 500 victory.  Johnson has been consistently finishing in the top five throughout his career, only needs a few improvements to finish as the 2006 champ.  Johnson already made news earlier this week when his crew chief was sent home for making illegal modifications to his car.

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J.J. Redick sets NCAA 3 point recordCongratulations to J.J. Redick on breaking the NCAA three point mark record by hitting 416 three pointers.  He passed Curtis Staples, who had 413 at Virginia from 1994-98.  Redick is closing in on the all-time ACC scoring leader record as well.  Redick passed Virginia’s Bryant Stith for fourth on the ACC career scoring list, and he remained on pace to pass Dickie Hemric at the top of the list. Hemric had 2,587 for Wake Forest, and Redick now trails by 60 points with five games remaining in the regular season.  Redick set the record last night in a win over Wake Forest.

Hines WardHines Ward was voted the Super Bowl MVP today.  Ward caught 5 receptions for 123 yards and 1 TD.  The most spectacular of these plays had to be the 43 yard touchdown pass thrown by Randall El.  Mr. Ward, from all of us at EndScore, congratulations on your trophies.

Bettis Get's Key to the CityBettis gets the key to Detroit.  He joins the ranks of

my hero

South Park villain, Saddam Hussain - former Iraqi dictator.  Back in 1980, Detroit gave the ex-president of Iraq a key to commemorate his kindness and cooperation with the West.  Rev. Jacob Yasso, who ran Chaldean Sacred Heart church in the Motor City, stated this recently when asked why they gave Saddam a key.

Bettis, Detroit’s poster child this winter, had this to say about his association with Hussain:

“I don’t know that I’ll be sharing that with Saddam. I think they canceled his key. They changed the locks on that one.”

Doug FlutieFor years, Doug Flutie has been known most for his “Hail Flutie” play back in his Boston College days.  That will surely be one of the most talked about plays for many generations.  The 1984 Heisman Trophy winner now has something else to be remembered by.

Earlier this season, in a meaningless game versus the Miami Dolphins, Flutie executed the first drop kicked extra point since 1941.  There wasn’t a soul in the stadium - aside from the Patriots - that expected that play.  Hence, the net to catch extra points and field goals wasn’t set up.  A lucky fan made off with a heck of a souvenir - one for the record books.  Flutie deserves to have this token of history back and the guy deserves to be compensated.  What does he want?

1. Payment of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND ($100,000.00) DOLLARS [lawyer’s capitals] on delivery of the football.

2. A guarantee of eight (8) season tickets for 25 years in the end zone (preferably sections 142 or 143).

a. The season tickets will be paid for annually by my client at the then going price for season tickets. The Patriots would not be expected to pay for the tickets.

3. Delivery by the Patriots to my client sometime in September, 2006, of a Tom Brady Patriots’ football jersey signed by all the team members as of the beginning of the next football season.

You would have to be an idiot to request that of any organization.  The Pats have declined the “offer.”  Now this moron holds a piece of history that no one will care about in a few years.  Heck, we already have it on film.  That’s enough for me.  Patriots should release a statement of their own: “Shove it.”

That is an amazing accomplishment, by Epiphanny Prince of Murry Bergtraum High School in New York City.  Just like her namesake, it might have been divine intervention that allowed her to see the basket so clearly.  Epiphanny broke the high school girls record previously held by Cheryl Miller, famous sister of NBA star Reggie Miller, by scoring an unbelievable 113 points.  Cheryl once scored 105 points as a high schooler in California.

The final score ended up being 137-32 victory over Brandeis High School.  Now critics must ask the question how many assists did Epiphanny had, because they sure asked Kobe that question.  Good grief, how bad of a team Brandeis must be, why didn’t they just quadruple team this girl?

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Kobe Bryant profile picHuge offensive explosions around the NBA yesterday, Ray Allen hits a buzzer beater in 2 OT and racked up 42 points, Tracy McGrady scored 43, but those were nothing compared to Kobe Bryant.

Too bad this performance was on the same day as the NFC and AFC title games, and will go under the spotlight.  This accomplishment was arguably tougher than Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points years ago, considering Chamberlain towered over his opponents in 1962.  Bryant has been playing on the same scoring pace as we do when playing video game basketball - scoring 30-40 points in 20 minute games.  Just unreal.