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Thursday April 27, 2006 5:17 pm

Who Should the Houston Texans Choose?  Who Else?  Reggie Bush

Houston Texans don't need to think to hard about the decision, it's Reggie Bush all the way I have the task of convincing you that the Houston Texans don’t need to rack their brains over the decision, the choice is clear; go with your first instinct - Reggie Bush.  All this talk about Reggie Bush not being an every-down back, he’s not durable…baloney.  In this day and age of the NFL, it’s a copy cat league in which successful teams now employ multiple back sets.  Sure the Texans already have Domanick Davis, but they’re going to need another weapon.  Look at the New England Patriots, a backfield by committee, the Denver Broncos using multiple backs, the Pittsburgh Steelers surely needed both Jerome Bettis and Willie Parker.  If they pass on Bush, the Texans will surely regret their decision.  Bush is the most promising running back prospect since Gale Sayers and Barry Sanders.  Don’t get me started on being a “smaller” back, did that effect Barry Sanders?  Tiki Barber?  Warrick Dunn?  I didn’t think so.

If your team is going to invest in a number one draft pick, he should be a franchise player.  Bush not only is an exceptional player, but he has absolutely none of the off-field issues you are going to worry about with every other prospect in this draft.  Mario Williams, his weakness is that he has a questionable work ethic and needs to be motivated.  Do you want ride your #1 draft choice to play hard?  Come on, this is the pros; teams should demand more of the #1 pick.  Matt Leinert, maybe he’s not focused entirely on football and more on becoming a celebrity.  Vince Young?  This guy could end up being a bust altogether and he might not be able to even grasp the simplest of NFL offenses.  Reggie Bush he already has the maturity as you can see from the way he has handled himself throughout the so-called “Agent for house scandal”.  All the interviews Bush has been apart of the last few days, on MTV TRL, on Conan O’Brien, this guy is ready for the big stage and will not disappoint.

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