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Friday February 10, 2006 6:26 pm

Vince Young’s Stock to Drop?

Posted by Jeff Chan Categories: Drafts, NCAA, College Football, NFL,

Vince Young stock to drop?After reading the newest edition of the Sporting News, they published a mock-draft article.  They mentioned Young’s poor decision to participate in a college QB all-star challenge, where he was not very impressive.  My personal opinion is that Young’s showing should not diminish his stock; sometimes teams put too much emphasis on combines, 40 yard dash times, and silly obstacle course tests, but not of actual game footage.  Let’s not forgot how impressive he has been throughout his career at Texas as a whole.

Sporting News had Young falling all the way down to the 10th spot, in the Arizona Cardinals lap.  This would definitely make Coach Dennis Green happy.  This mock draft didn’t even have Young as the first Texas Longhorn picked; they had S Michael Huff going ninth to the Detroit Lions.  Well that throws the logic of some people’s thinking right out the door.  Conversely, the Sporting News likes to publish some of e-mails fans send, and one Vince Young fan points out “If you want to win games, pick Reggie Bush in the NFL draft.  If you want to win championships, pick Vince Young.  Use your own judgment and common sense on draft day, and hope your team’s GM makes the right decision.

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He is a poor man’s Vick and look at how good Vick has been.  I’d take a lot of other QBs over Young…


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