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Saturday December 5, 2009 12:12 am

True Predictions: Wild Card Wannabes, Titans vs. Colts, Cowboys and Vikings

Posted by Frank Nevarez Categories: Editorial, NFL,

Description On the way to a 3-2 record from last weekend True Predictions threw out these claims: a) “the Saints will have no trouble with New England,” and b) “it will be Hail, Hail Vince Young in Tennessee’s win over Arizona.” Our third win featured the Indianapolis Colts coming from behind to defeat the under-performing Houston Texans. The Pittsburgh Steelers and substitute QB Dennis Dixon played well enough to win (other than an INT in OT), but the Baltimore Ravens took the victory. The Jacksonville Jaguars needed to show us something in San Francisco, but instead it was the 49ers that were more impressive. The season record on my predictions runs to 35-22.

The majority of our selected games this week involve teams that need to do some winning to remain in the Wild Card chase. The Atlanta Falcons fall into this group and host the Philadelphia Eagles. Atlanta has not won big games this year, but neither has Philly, really. Atlanta’s desperation will be enough to pull this one out.

The Miami Dolphins have a history of playing the New England Patriots tough. Good teams bounce back after bad losses (in this case, the New Orleans Saints over the Pats).  But the game is in Miami and the Dolphins can say bye-bye to the Wild Card hunt if they lose. In Bill Belichick we trust: go with New England.

The New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys game looks like a bump-in-the-road contest for Dallas. These two are division rivals and the Giants need this win to set up for their match-up with the Eagles next weekend. Victories in each will go a long way to set right a so-far disappointing NYG season. In Wade Phillips we trust? In Tony Romo we trust? Eli Manning may have foot trouble. Go with Dallas.

Can the Vince Young magic continue? Can the Tennessee Titans pull off the upset in Indianapolis? Will this prove to be defeat number one for the Colts? What about the Chris Johnson (Titan RB) factor? The Indy defense has been one of the best in the AFC. Go with the Colts.

NFC playoff preview match-up occurs this weekend when the Minnesota Vikings roll into Arizona. Too bad that Cardinals’ QB Kurt Warner is banged up. Minnesota would do well to “answer” New Orleans big win earlier this week. Pick the Vikings.



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