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Wednesday October 7, 2009 8:52 pm

True Predictions: Falcons, 49ers, Broncos, Bengals, and Headaches

Posted by Frank Nevarez Categories: Editorial, News, NFL,


I went 3-2 over the past weekend (10–6 for the season). The Baltimore Ravens, even with questionable calls favoring the New England Patriots, came close to potentially taking a big step to the “next level.” However, a dropped pass by Mark Clayton ended that opportunity. New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez looked like the rookie he is in the game against the New Orleans Saints. Meanwhile the Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos took games that would not have surprised us if they went the other way. Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre continued to wow the masses with another impressive showing against his old team, the Green Bay Packers. If the Packers don’t improve that offensive line they’re not going to beat Brett and the Vikings when he makes his “homecoming” visit later in the season.

The Atlanta Falcons (last year’s pleasant surprise) can’t lose to this year’s pleasant surprise, the San Francisco 49ers, can they? The game is in San Francisco, but I’m going with the visiting Falcons. The Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals are both trying to right the ship. The game is in Arizona. Go with the home team.

The Jets are visiting the Miami Dolphins on Monday night. Despite the Jets’ strong start, the ubiquitous Pats and Jets are tied for the top spot in AFC East Division with Jets hold the tie-breaker with their Week 2 victory over New England. They can’t afford to get into a rut following last week’s loss. The Jets will take this one.

Meanwhile, the Pats travel to take on the surprising Broncos. The Broncos have been beating less-than-stellar-competition. So they’ll meet their match this weekend. New England will show them how it’s done and come away with this victory.

The Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore both come in at 3-1 with Baltimore coming off that tough loss to New England.  I think they’re going to be hungry, plus, they’re at home. Go with the Ravens.

Michael Crabtree finally signed with San Francisco 49ers; Braylon Edwards got traded to the Jets. If Crabtree calms down, settles in, and is brought along at a good pace he could be a factor at the end of the season. Edwards strikes me as one big headache. Being in a town that doesn’t sleep is not conducive to headaches going away.



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