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Thursday October 29, 2009 10:18 pm

True Predictions: Bengals, Steelers, Packers vs.Vikings, and Denver’s First Loss

Posted by Frank Nevarez Categories: Editorial, NFL,

Carson PalmerPredictably, I go 3-2 this past weekend (not blowing it out of the water, but ahead of the game). I am now 18-13 for the season. I got it right that the Pittsburgh Steelers would take Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. The Cincinnati Bengals won big over the Chicago Bears, and the New Orleans Saints had to come from behind to beat the Miami Dolphins. What’s up with the New York Giants who have now lost two in a row? The Atlanta Falcons had another chance to “legitimize” themselves as an NFL threat, but they could not muster enough to beat the Dallas Cowboys.

Are the Miami Dolphins the most watched 2-4 team in the league? They go up against the New York Jets (4-3) in New Jersey on Sunday. A couple of weeks ago the Dolphins put down the Jets during a Monday night game. This one has all the earmarks of an upset in the making: division rivalry and wildcat offense that will make the Jets look bad… again.  The Jets “only” beat the hapless Raiders last week and I see only 2-3 more outright wins for the Jets this seasonm so they will need this one if they want a shot at the playoffs. Go with Jets.

Are the Baltimore Ravens defense still the vaunted “Ravens defense?” Is the Denver Broncos fairy tale about to hit a bump in the road while visiting Baltimore? Are the Broncos looking ahead to Pittsburgh next week? Ok, here’s the upset pick: Joe Flacco and the purple gang over the undefeated Broncos. Can the Ravens please not drop any critical passes?

The Giants crawl into Philly this weekend to play against the Philadelphia Eagles. I really have very little confidence in either Eli Manning or Donovan McNabb, but this is the kind of game McNabb will win only to disappoint you in the playoffs. However, can the Giants really lose three straight? The Eagles have not beaten anyone good this season. Go with the Giants.

You know how I’ve downgraded the Falcons. They take on the 6-0 Saints in New Orleans. No upset here. Go with the Saints.

I would love to pick the Green Bay Packers over the Vikings, and maybe the overflow of emotion will turn them into a better team than they’ve been thus far. But, logically (and that’s not taking in the heavy intangibles here) I don’t see it happening. Will the over-excited (how can he not be?) Brett Favre try to do too much? Or will he be focused to shut up all the critics and naysayers? The Vikes need to right the ship after last week’s loss to the Steelers. Favre needs to right his ship (after INTs last weekend). I’ll go with Minnesota taking it at Lambeau Field, but I’m probably rooting for the Packers.



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