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Saturday February 20, 2010 9:26 pm

Tiger Woods finally apologizes

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Athletes, Editorial, Golf,

Tiger WoodsSo Tiger Woods finally broke his silence. It’s too bad that he did this now; months after the incident… during the Olympics… on a Friday instead of a Monday. Tiger gathered six of his closest media friends to have a “press conference” to deliver his pre-written apology, refusing to answer questions, and took shots at those who “fabricated” stories over the last few months. He took full accountability for his actions, but he did so while struggling to speak fluently and coherently.

Did anybody else get the impression he hadn’t yet read his apology speech before delivering it to his six friends? For a man who claims he is “deeply sorry” for the shame he brought on himself and his family, the only time he sounded emotional was when he became angry while talking about the fabricated articles from when this story first broke last year. He barely completed a single sentence without the obligatory pause for dramatic effect.

Everybody’s mad at Tiger. Nobody is commenting on the women he slept with, at least some of whom must have known that he was married. Everybody is upset that Tiger could do something like he did, when in reality, as bad as it is to say, his biggest mistake might have been the fact that he got caught. He’s by far not the first athlete to cheat on his wife, and he, by far, will not be the last. People need to calm down and let Tiger take his blows. His image has changed, and he’ll take a lot of heat from the media for the next few weeks, but at the end of it all, Tiger is going to do what Tiger wants to do.

The fact is that Tiger Woods is a golfer. He’s the best golfer. He’s also human, and as so many people have already stated, he’s going to make mistakes. As has been said, when you’re on the top, you have a lot farther to fall, and Tiger has fallen spectacularly. It’s time to let him and his family heal, and regardless of how he presents himself on the golf course, family is family, and Tiger’s family needs to be left alone so they can repair their broken relationships, and it’s time to get back to what’s important in the sports world: the sport.



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