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Wednesday February 10, 2010 9:43 pm

The other Hull you might not know

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Athletes, Editorial, NHL,

Dennis HullEverybody knows about “The Golden Jet” Bobby Hull, the all-star left winger of the Chicago Blackhawks and later Winnipeg Jets of the WHA. Everybody knows his son, “The Golden Brett”, who amazingly managed to surpass the legend of his father with Calgary and St. Louis, among others. But there’s another, less-talked about Hull. He’s Bobby’s younger brother, Brett’s uncle, “The Silver Jet”, Dennis Hull, and while his list of accomplishments doesn’t match that of his family, he still made a tremendous impact in the NHL.

Dennis played 14 seasons in the NHL, 13 of which were with the Chicago Black Hawks, where he and combined to form one of the greatest brother combinations in hockey history. He played the last season of his career with Detroit. Hull notched 40 goals in 1970-71 and clicked for 90 points two seasons later; both impressive totals for that era. He scored 303 goals and 654 points over 959 games throughout his long career.

Dennis Hull was a member of Team Canada during the 1972 Summit Series, but he almost skipped the event due to Bobby’s exclusion for being a WHA player. Bobby convinced him to play, and played four games in the tournament, scoring two goals and two assists. Despite the rivalries that the series created, Hull managed to look past on-ice battles with the Soviets and has formed friendships with as many foreign players as he did with those from his native land.

If Bobby and Brett weren’t NHLers, would anybody have noticed Dennis? Everybody compares Bobby and Brett’s stats and says they’re the only father-son combination to do this and that, but Dennis played too, and it’s important to not forget that. Dennis has taken to comedy post-hockey, and has even wrote a book out entitled “The Third Best Hull (I Should Have Been Fourth But They Wouldn’t Let My Sister Maxime Play”. Dennis may not be the most memorable on-ice Hull, but his career-in-retirement is definitely worth checking out.



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