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Saturday September 18, 2010 8:31 am

Review of the Fantasy Live Challenge - 20 Minutes of Intensity and Fun

Fantasy Live

Sundays in the fall… for every red-blooded sports fan, it means being lost from noon to midnight in all things NFL, including pre-game and post-game analysis.  For about 12 whole hours, NFL fans immerse themselves in the game that they love and if this describes you, do you think you have 20 minutes, 1/36 of your NFL time, to have some fun and win some great prizes?  Let’s be honest, your favorite NFL team will only play about three hours and you’ll have some time, so spend it playing Fantasy Live’s Fantasy Live Challenge!

Fantasy Live Challenge is a very abbreviated version of the ever-popular game of fantasy football.  Instead of the tediousness of drafting, the feeling of disappointment because you missed out on a certain player, and the waiting game of knowing if you’ve won or not, Fantasy Live Challenge is a quick game of competitive satisfaction where you select players in games happening in real-time during a designated 20-minute period.

First off, you’ll need to join a competition and then select one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, and one kicker and hope they all score as much as possible in your 20 minutes. You can even create your own challenge and play against friends to see which one of you knows their football and can prove it!  Since there is a possibility of playing multiple games during the day, you can prove your football knowledge over and over again!

Fantasy Live’s Fantasy Live Challenge is addictive and gets your attention whole-heartedly, so drop everything and play!  It will be the best and most intense 20 minutes you’ll spend on a Sunday.



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