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Thursday February 18, 2010 10:18 pm

It’s tough to stick with tradition

Posted by Adrien Griffin Categories: Editorial, NHL,

Sidney CrosbyWhy do hockey teams keep changing their look? Whether it’s their uniform, their logo, or both, it seems like so many teams have a revolving closet of jerseys to wear, whether they be home, away, alternate, second alternate, throwbacks, special events, or whatever. They’re doing all they can to appeal to fans by looking fresh and unique. However, some fans are just as excited by a new look as they are of having to spend the money on a dozen different jerseys.

It’s hard to appreciate seeing the Pittsburgh Penguins when they wear their blue and white as opposed to the traditional black and gold. And face it; the logo on the jersey of the Buffalo Sabres has been as inconsistent as they players who wear them. The Nashville Predators, who joined the NHL in 1998, have used as many as six different logos with three very different themes. It’s like a grab-bag of logos that is purposefully keeping Nashville from establishing any kind of identity.

The New York Rangers were established in 1926-27, and for almost 75 years, their logo has remained largely unchanged. The red, white and blue shield-shaped logo is iconic in today’s NHL. The other Original Six teams are in the same boat. Their sense of tradition is admirable. Same goes for the Florida Panthers. Their giant cat has been breaking hockey sticks since it was introduced in Florida’s inaugural season in 1993-94. While the team itself can’t be considered an overall success, you have to admire their loyalty to their logo.

To go to an NHL game and actually have to take a moment to think about which teams you’re looking at is crazy. Clubs should pick a set of jerseys and a logo and stick to it. The teams that have been around the longest understand this concept. It’s the new kids in town who are trying to shake things up but are really just making a mess. Montreal wears red. Toronto wears blue. Pittsburgh wears whatever they feel like. Tradition is important to the NHL, and every team should respect that.



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